Auto Maintenance and Repair Tips for the Tacoma Driver

Attention Tacoma drivers! When was the last time your car visited the auto shop for routine service? Do you know how to tell if your car is having trouble, or when to make certain repairs? Car maintenance doesn’t have to be your area of expertise, after all, you have other things keeping you busy! But most drivers should know what kind of schedule to follow and what signs to look out for to ensure their cars stay in top condition for years to come. These 6 tips on general auto maintenance and repair can help you stay ahead of breakdowns and protect your car’s performance.

  1. Keep up with routine maintenance to avoid costly repairs.
    A good driver knows that preventative maintenance is key to avoiding complete breakdowns, the kind that can be a real surprise to you and your wallet. Your car needs regular oil changes and check ups to protect its parts and help it continue to perform perfectly.

  2. Follow manufacturers recommendations for your specific vehicle.
    If you aren’t exactly sure when or how often your car needs service, check your manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific vehicle. The owner’s manual typically has recommended schedules and intervals you can follow to sustain your vehicle’s optimal condition.

  3. Use a trusted mechanic.
    A good automotive shop might be all the resources your car needs. Experienced technicians can advise you on ideal service schedules your specific make and model and individual driving habits.

  4. Consider your individual driving needs and habits.
    Because while your car might be a popular one, the way you drive it will greatly impact what kind of service it needs and how often.

  5. For the do-it-yourselfer, know your limits.
    Some auto services are best left to the professionals. You might be comfortable changing your car’s oil, but some check ups involve electrical and computer components that can be complicated. Especially if you drive a hybrid or newer vehicle, you may want to leave some services to your mechanic that is expertly trained on the ins and outs of tricky systems.

  6. Keep a budget for car maintenance and repairs.
    Car maintenance and repairs are part of owning a vehicle and keeping it healthy. Drivers should be prepared to make regular oil changes, check ups, tire rotations, brake replacements, and whatever else their car might need, or risk bigger problems later. An ignored check engine light, tire puncture or other issue can create serious costs. That’s why it’s important to have a budget for your car’s needs whenever they may surface.

Written by Genesis Auto & RV

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