Effective Fleet Management

6 Habits For Keeping Your Fleet Operating At 100%

Whether you manage equipment or people, being productive means having good habits that take care of your resources. With these six habits, you can take care of your fleet to protect your investment and keep your drivers safe.

Be Proactive

Get ahead of potential problems by staying on top of problems. Make sure drivers have hands-free devices. Keep up with maintenance. Install cameras on your fleet to monitor drivers.

Make Maintenance Easy for Drivers

As a manager, you rely on others to carry out your directives. If you want drivers to keep up with maintenance on their vehicles, then you need to make it accessible and straightforward. You have to provide time for drivers to get their vehicle in for oil changes without harping on them about downtime. You need to make sure they can report problems and get them taken care of. Fleet management software can help ease the pain.

Make Sure Drivers Know Your Expectations

Many problems with fleet vehicles can be prevented when drivers know your performance standards. Incentivize drivers with good habits who maintain their vehicles. Don’t penalize drivers for needing fleet repair. Promote safe driving habits by giving drivers time to make deliveries safely.

Monitor Data and Measure Performance

Technology gives fleet managers much more information about their vehicles. Track vehicle performance over time. Measure cost per mile and operating costs. Keep up with vehicle maintenance through software.

Document Everything

In today’s litigious society, you need records. Use digital documentation to manage fleet information to have what you need at your fingertips. Stop using paper files to maintain records. Give drivers access to fleet management software to help them maintain good documents.

Keep Up With Your Industry and Adopt New Procedures

The fleet industry has changed so much over just the past decade that you need to keep up with what is going on. Don’t be afraid to be a leader in using new technology to help you keep up with operations. Many managers are fearful of change. Make educated decisions about using technology to make your fleet more cost-effective by limiting fuel use and taking care of your vehicles.

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