How Can You Best Manage Your Transportation Fleet?

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Keeping your business on the move is hard work. There are routes to design, deadlines to meet, and drivers to schedule. When it comes to keeping your transportation on the road and in safe, prime condition, you don’t have to worry. Let Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Takoma, Washington, lighten your load with fleet maintenance and repair. We’ve been helping fleet managers just like you avoid headaches since 1993.

A Few Important Points in Fleet Operation

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in fleet management is staying organized. It helps to operate using checklists. You need one master list for the fleet as a whole, but you also need another for each auto that’s a part of your fleet. These will help you keep current on the routine maintenance items that need attention. Not only should you address mechanical issues, but you should also outline a plan for your fleet operators. Specifically, make sure you have an user-friendly set of safety protocols that drivers can use throughout their day that covers a variety of situations. Be sure to include what you expect in terms of safe driving habits and responses to emergencies or incidents. Also, develop a plan for reporting mechanical problems. When drivers feel comfortable letting you know about potential issues they’ve observed, you’re in a better position to take care of small problems before they develop into larger ones. Further, consider using technology to aid in remembering which services your vehicles need and when those maintenance points are needed. You can easily develop your own spreadsheet for smaller fleets, but you may want to buy a fleet management software program for a greater number of autos. Be sure the major preventive service needs such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and inspections (safety and emissions where required) form the basis of your fleet checklist. Also, include a column for the odometer reading at each service visit. Finally, talk with us about any needed service adjustments if your fleet vehicles are driven in harsh or extreme conditions.

We Work Where You Do

At Genesis Automotive & RV Repair, we look forward to becoming your partner in fleet management. Regardless of where they go, your drivers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our membership in NAPA AutoCare. Better yet, we work where you do. You don’t have to look elsewhere for fleet maintenance and repair.

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