Keeping Your Business Vehicle Fleet Strong

Do you remember the story of the Spanish Armada from a high school history class? If not, here’s the short version. The Armada was a fleet of 130 ships, and their leader believed them to be the mightiest in the world, capable of defeating another country’s navy and accomplishing a political goal. Because each ship as well as leadership wasn’t prepared for the task, the ships were defeated and/or wrecked. What could have been, didn’t turn out as planned. While we hope you aren’t in an undeclared war, we understand that your business’s vehicle fleet is not so different than this group of ships. Your successs, profit, and competitive edge hinge upon your transportation, so keeping your fleet well maintained is a critical component of your business plan. For reliable help with service and repair for your fleet, you can trust the expert technicians at Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington.

Maintaining Your Fleet

A priority for fleet management is organization. Wether you use a self-made pen and paper checklist for a small group of vehicles or available fleet management software to track an enormous number, keeping a checklist will help you ensure that all vehicles are well maintained and safe to be on the road. First, develop protocols and expectations for drivers. Be sure to include instruction on safety expectations, procedures to follow if there’s an accident, and a communication method for reporting suspected mechanical issues. If your drivers are comfortable reporting perceived mechanical problems or warning lights, you are more likely to be able to address small issues before they become major problems. This decreases risk and increases your bottom line. Second, keep your vehicles road ready by performing basic preventive maintenance services regularly. These include tire rotation and balancing, fluid checks, oil changes, etc. It’s best practice to chart these services alongside odometer readings to make sure nothing is missed or overdue. Also, consider the specific uses of your vehicles and the conditions under which they’re driven. This will help you determine if you need to adjust the maintenance schedule.

Help wih Service and Repair

At Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington, we understand that your business depends upon the reliability of your transportation fleet. That’s why it’s our business to assist you with maintaining your fleet. In business since 1993, we take pride in helping our community by offering honest, expert services. Our technicians are highly trained and stay up to date with the latest technological advances. Just as importantly, our entire staff values you, our customers. We look forward to partnering with you to maintain your business fleet.

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