Putting the WIN in WINterizing

What will this winter bring for your vehicle? Will it “win” by surviving unscathed through the winter, or will it fall victim to harsh weather conditions? Before winter arrives, there are some preventive steps auto owners can take to help their vehicles weather the winter well. Some are simple tips that you can take care of yourself, but you may find that you want assistance with others. Whatever your winterization needs, Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington, is here to help.

Best Practices for Winterizing Your Daily Driver

Getting your car ready for the season is important because you don’t want to become stranded in the bitter cold or have a car crash that might have been avoided. One important step, for instance, is to be sure your battery is up to the challenge. A maintenance-free battery has a small window at the top that allows you to check its condition. Conventional batteries require you to remove the plastic caps on top to check the fluid. If it’s low, add distilled water. You can also have us check your battery for you. If it’s more than five years old or needs more than a simple charge, you should replace it. It’s crucial that you go into winter with a strong battery. When it’s 0 degrees, your battery has only half the cranking amps it has at 80 degrees. Also, for safety’s sake, make sure you can see where you’re driving. Clear windows and windshields of snow and ice before driving, and replace windshield wiper blades regularly to get maximum benefit. Also, make sure your lights are working properly. Finally, don’t forget to make sure your car’s heater is working properly before cold weather sets in.

Best Practices for Winterizing Your RV

To get a great start to your camping season in spring, take steps to ensure your RV goes through the winter without damage. Unlike your daily driver, your RV probably won’t be used frequently in winter–unless you’re lucky enough to spend the season in a warm destination. Therefore, you should drain the water from the plumbing system and plug all crevices to prevent rodents from taking up residence. (That doesn’t make for a happy spring opening of the RV!) Disconnecting the batteries will help protect them from the unintended drain some continuous components might cause, and fuel stabilizer additives help keep the fuel from degrading and causing future damage. Also, consider exterior protection. Secured covers for both the tires and the RV body help protect it.

Your WINning WINterizing Shop

Although some vehicle winterization steps are simple to complete on your own at home, others are more complex. You may want to entrust those preparations to the certified technicians at Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington. We’ll be glad to help!

Written by Genesis Auto & RV

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