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RV Refrigerator Repair

If you own an RV, you understand that ongoing maintenance is part of the experience. Enjoying modern comforts and amenities in the wild is what makes RV’ing great, but it also means dealing with repairs when appliances aren’t performing to our expectations. Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington understands that you depend on your refrigerator for a successful trip and that sometimes your refrigerator has other plans. When you need to know that all of your appliances are ready to go, you need reliable repairs. Our RV repair experts are prepared to provide the diagnosis and assistance you need before your next adventure!

Diagnosing Refrigerator Problems

Determining if there’s something wrong with your RV refrigerator can be tricky. Is it not getting cold because it’s broken or because it hasn’t been running for a little while? The first step you can take is to test the fridge and decide if it’s working or not. Level your unit and use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the main compartment and freezer. Most RV refrigerators work by cooling from the freezer into the main food compartment. Temperatures in each part of the fridge can tell you whether there’s an issue with the airflow, evaporator fan, diffuser, or electrical components. Fridges may get clogged with ice, or fail to work on gas but not electric. That’s what can make solving problems so challenging. As expert RV repair specialists, our team of technicians are familiar with refrigerators and their common problems. Visit us to get an accurate answer on your fridge’s issues and plan repairs to correct them.

Schedule Refrigerator Repair

You need to know that every aspect of your RV is ready to go before your next trip. If you are suspicious that your refrigerator isn’t up to the task, contact Tacoma’s leading RV repair experts for assistance. Our specialists understand the complex systems in RV’s. Repairs aren’t as straightforward as home appliances since some units are designed to run on gas or electrical power. When your refrigerator needs repair, you need someone with experience and training to complete the job reliably. Genesis Automotive & RV Repair has you covered! To learn more about the ways our team can help you, or to schedule your refrigerator repair, call 253-473-2336. You can also use our convenient online system to request an appointment for your vehicle and ensure speedy service. Our experts are happy to work with you and help you move towards a solution. Find us at 6220 S. Tacoma Way. We look forward to hearing from you!