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My mom’s motor home has vapor locked on every trip we’ve taken for the last five years at least. It vapor locked in Canada, Idaho, Washington, and California. We had to pull off the road and wait for sometimes hours before we could continue on. Yesterday we returned from a ten day, 3, 200 mile trip to Minnesota, and the motor home did not vapor lock, even when it was over 100 degrees! So thank you again for fixing mom’s motor home to our complete satisfaction. In addition to the vapor lock problem, mom’s motor home was brought to you for transmission problems that we began experiencing. Initially, we took it somewhere else and they told us the problem was fixed, but on the way home, the transmission failed. So dad brought it to you, and that problem was resolved too.

Our motor home also had some issues with the air conditioner when we were on the road, and much to our surprise you called us back within 20 minutes and did some troubleshooting for us and got the air conditioning going again. Thank you for calling back and helping us out. It was very hot in the midwest and the air was a wonderful thing to have! I appreciate when I call, you are very responsive and get back with me the same day.

You have a very professional, responsive, reputable operation going on there at Genesis, and I’m truly thankful you are there for our RV maintenance needs. I’m glad we found you!

John and Laurie – Seatac, WA

We like to take our kitties with us when we travel in our Class A Motor home. The problem is that their curiosity has led them to explore the area above the foot well underneath the dashboard. While we know that they cannot get out of the coach, we don’t want them to possibly damage the electrical wiring system as they explore and leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Plus anytime we stopped for a short period of time, one of us would stay in the coach and “guard” the foot well area…and when we would overnight we would build a barricade in the foot well so no one could try and get in the dashboard.

We have had our coach serviced several times at Genesis and remembered that Brian, the Owner, had offered, on one of our pickups, that they love to problem solve RV problems. So a couple of weeks ago we took the Motor home to Genesis for regular service and asked if he could come up with some kind of barrier to prevent the kitties’ exploration. He called us back the next day and suggested a solution to the kitty problem that sounded perfect.

We picked our Motor home up last week and have a sturdy leather-like material that will be applied to each foot well with a very sturdy snap system. It is genius and will allow some hassle-free RVing with our kitties!!!

Thank you Brian, et al for your superior service on our coach and your creative approach to solve our problem!!

Jim & Susan – Lakewood, WA

I am extremely pleased with the service Genesis provided.
In addition to the 100,000 mile service my car had an oil leak. Genesis did everything it could to repair the leak the first time but, as happens sometimes with repairs, things didn’t go as planned.

What really impressed me was the prompt, courteous and efficient willingness to correct the problem, which it appears has happened this time around. I never felt like an inconvenience for returning my vehicle.

This is the true test of any business, and you’ve passed with flying colors. Standing behind what you do and striving to do the right thing. I came away very impressed by the integrity and professionalism of Genesis Auto Repair.

Mike – Puyallup, WA

Genesis Automotive is a business that is founded on Christian values and customer service. The techs never once tried to talk me into getting work done, rather just gave me the facts. After I left the shop they even checked up on how things were going and if I was having any problems. Brian and his staff at Genesis are amazing and I will never take my vehicles to another mechanical service.

Ricky – Tacoma, WA

Thanks for your hard work and honest service!

Eric – Tacoma, WA

I am a first time RV owner. Needless to say when something goes wrong it can be overwhelming! I had problems with my clearance and tail lights. Not only were my electrical problems diagnosed correctly, but the problems were fixed efficiently while I was kept well informed about what was being done… why… and the cost I would incur. Whatever comes up next I can honestly say I look forward to having Genesis work on my RV. I would like to give special THANKS to the gentleman with the ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE as well as to Brian, owner and manager, for his outstanding and truly appreciated customer service!

Kathy – Tacoma, WA

I have trusted Genesis with my family vehicles and RV automotive needs for over three years. Their automotive skills and integrity is number one. Absolute superb service and a business that stands behind their service. Genesis goes above and beyond the service of a vehicle. More importantly, my wife felt absolutely comfortable working with Brian and his mechanics when she was introduced to one of our recent automotive challenges. You are treated right because Genesis’ character and standards are highly regarded.

Matt – DuPont, WA

I brought my car in about three weeks ago for a free oil change. It was a 2000 Hyundai Accent and it also had a transmission leak that needed to be checked out. The oil was changed and the leak was fixed while I waited. I just wanted to let you know that it has not leaked a drop since you fixed it. When I brought it in, I was putting about a quart of fluid in per day. I drove here from NY, and while I was on the road, having issues, I must have had nearly 20 mechanics look at the problem in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington and California. Every single one of them told me they could not fix the leak without replacing the entire transmission system, which would have cost me more than I paid for the car. So, I continued to drive it and worry about it while pouring in fluid every day. I can’t believe how you fixed it and at such an affordable price. I also can’t believe how many people were unwilling to fix the problem, or were willing to take advantage and rip me off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I so appreciate your help and willingness to fix my car when I thought there was no hope. It seems that a lot of people in this world are dishonest when it comes to cars, girls that don’t know a lot about them, and making a buck… Genesis is not one of them. Thank you and God Bless!

Kateri – Tacoma, WA

I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of the “Queen” for me today. I found you to be honest, timely and pleasant to deal with. I really appreciated the way you made us feel special and you can count on references to friends about your shop. We will return to have you give the Queen the tender care she is used to receiving.

Cherie – Tacoma, WA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Just got back from E. WA and my rig drove like a dream! Experienced twisty roads, winds and rough pavement. I never realized how I had been tense during that kind of driving before. A night and day difference. The stair works perfectly, and there’s a light on it! Wow, didn’t know that before. And, Brian, thank you for your consideration regarding the money. So appreciated that kind of thoughtfulness toward a customer, just doesn’t happen often these days. Lots of thank you’s there too!! I know, under the care of Genesis, I’ll be safe on my travels!

Mimi – WA

The slide-out room’s hydraulic system was severely damaged on our Class C motor home when a back tire exploded while on a 3000 mile trip. Two other locations told us that they did not work on slide-out mechanisms. We were lucky to have discovered Genesis Automotive and RV Repair. Genesis examined and diagnosed the problem on the day of our first contact. Parts had to be shipped to Genesis, and fortunately, management allowed us to stay in the RV on their premises, with water and electricity, for a number of days. Obviously their technicians knew what they were doing – a complicated repair job in a tight area under the motorhome. Genesis was good in communicating with our insurance company, which was a big help to us. Our sincere thanks to Brian and Jayme, and their technicians.


We are first time RV owners and brought a prospective purchase to Genesis for a pre-purchase inspection. Boy, are we glad we did! Not only did it save us thousands in the purchase price, but we bought peace of mind as well. Of course, we knew exactly who to take the new RV to when it was time to do the repairs. The guys at Genesis, especially Brian and Jayme, were extremely polite, gracious, customer focused, and just plain nice people to work with. Their work was top notch. In our case, it involved extensive coach frame and skin repairs. Our first trip was to the beach in the nastiest storm we’d ever experienced. Not a drop made it past the outside of that coach, thanks to an awesome repair and leak proofing work by Genesis. We will come back to Genesis – and look forward to working with those really nice guys again!

Brian and Julie – Olympia, WA