The Diesel Engine Difference

What’s Different From Gasoline Engines?

While both gasoline and diesel engines are internal combustion engines, there are a few key differences between the two types. Learn how a diesel engine differs from a traditional alternative and find out where you can receive reliable diesel repair services in Tacoma, Washington. Explore the differences to discover the importance of reliable diesel specialists for all your repair and maintenance needs.

How Diesel Engines Work

A traditional gasoline engine mixes fuel and air, which is then compressed by a piston and ignited by a spark plug spark. Diesel engines compress air, then inject fuel. Because the air is compressed, it heats up enough to ignite the fuel.

This means that there is no spark plug in a diesel vehicle and the entire combustion process relies on compressed, heated air. There are other differing parts as well, so it’s important to work with a mechanic who is experienced with diesel repair services.

The Four-Stroke Combustion Cycle

How does a diesel engine create combustion? These engines use a four-stroke cycle:

  • Intake stroke
  • Compression stroke
  • Combustion stroke
  • Exhaust stroke

The intake stroke opens the valve and allows air to enter the chamber. This also moves the piston down. The compression stroke moves the piston back up to compress the air and heat it up. As it continues to compress the air, it reaches the combustion stroke.

This stroke happens when the piston reaches the top. Fuel is injected in a precisely timed manner, and the heated air causes it to ignite. After combustion, the exhaust stroke pushes the piston back to the top to push out any remaining exhaust after the combustion stroke.

Quality Diesel Engine Repairs

At Genesis Automotive and RV Repair, we offer reliable diesel repair services for your truck, RV or other diesel vehicle. Enjoy fast and friendly service on any engine issues. If your repairs require a full day, enjoy a free loaner car to commute to work or anywhere else you need to go. Schedule a service today to enjoy expert inspections and maintenance in Tacoma, Washington. If you want to install aftermarket parts, RV solar panels or other additions, our team has a reliable track record of over 20 years.

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