What Can You Do to Improve Your Fuel Economy?

Every Dollar Counts

Whether you live on a tight budget or feel financially comfortable, every dollar still counts. When you spend more money than you have to on gasoline or diesel fuel, that’s less funding available for other things you might need to do or want to achieve. Reflecting on that reality might leave you wondering if there’s anything you can reasonably do to improve your fuel economy. Simply stated, yes. At Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Tacoma, Washington, we’ll be glad to give you some tips for saving on fuel expenditures as well as make any repairs necessary to assist you with this endeavor.

Simple Steps You Can Take

Surprisingly to some motorists, the easiest thing you can do to improve fuel economy is to drive smarter. Specifically, adhere to speed limits, avoid aggressive acceleration, brake sensibly, and don’t carry heavier loads than necessary. (Yes, that means you need to clean the junk out of your automobile periodically!) Also, keep your vehicle well maintained and in good repair. Bringing your car to us for routine preventive maintenance services and inspections will allow us to detect problems early and keep your transportation in prime condition. For instance, regular oil changes keep your engine performing well. That impacts fuel mileage because your auto will use more gas or diesel if the engine is struggling to produce the needed power. Similarly, keeping the air filter clean and/or changed as needed will allow your engine to get the air it needs for efficient combustion. It’s also important to service and clean fuel injectors as needed. Over time, contaminants can clog the injectors. The power plant actually wastes fuel as it struggles to get enough. Worse, severely clogged or damaged injectors may stop working at all, causing your engine to stop working. Finally, you may even consider installing an aftermarket performance kit. An EGR/DFP Delete kit can improve engine performance and horsepower while reducing fuel waste. That’s a win-win situation!

Fuel Saving Auto Repairs

When you’re ready to get serious about saving money at the pump, the ASE-certified technicians at Genesis Automotive & RV Repair are here to help. Since 1993, we’ve been helping our neighbors keep their cars in great condition, earning us favorable ratings from the Better Business Bureau and EnviroStars. Furthermore, you’re protected wherever you go because we’re affiliated with the Napa AutoCare network.

Written by Genesis Auto & RV

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