Should You Reseal or Replace Your Problematic RV Window?

If you own an RV–whether it’s a full-blown motorhome, a travel trailer, or a slide-in for your pick-up–you already know it’s your window to the world. It’s a great way to go almost anywhere while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your own home. (And you can take your pets!) Part of the greatness of this “window,” however, is the integrity of your RV’s windows. Get advice on resealing or replacing RV windows as well as great RV service and repairs at Genesis Automotive & RV Repair in Takoma, Washington.

Reseal or Replace?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should reseal or replace that troublesome RV window. If it seems to have just “come loose” around the edges, a reseal may be all you need. This obviously will save you a little time and money if it will truly remedy the problem. Be aware that a reseal is only as good as the quality of workmanship. This should be done using only high-quality materials or a good repair kit. An effective repair should include new foam core material as well as clear drying sealant. The new foam core will alleviate any problems caused by aged, cracking, or disintegrating material. New sealant, of course, will keep moisture out of your portable home’s walls and interiors. Also, the reseal is not a one-person task. You’ll need at least two to remove and reinstall the glass safely. If your unit is older or has sustained damage, you may be better off to go with a new window. After all, you don’t want your view clouded by a dingy or discolored portal, nor do you want to compromise integrity by keeping chipped or cracked glass. That can be a safety hazard! It can also result in replacing the window soon anyway, even though you just resealed it. What a hassle! Therefore, always use sound judgment when deciding whether a reseal or a replacement is in order.

Your RV Glass Specialist

A damaged window or one that has come loose is a big problem in your recreational vehicle, yet it can be easily remedied with a timely repair. A loose window can come out, creating grave danger. Also, it allows water to get down into your walls, possibly causing mold and fostering rot. This could endanger your investment and health! It also leaves an attractive opening for bugs. Yuck! While you may opt to try a reseal yourself if you tend to be handy with such projects, you can always count on the certified technicians at Genesis Automotive & RV Repair. We can reseal your RV windows or even replace them, getting you back out into the world shortly.

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