The Difference Between Auto Repair Shops Dealerships

When To Bring Your Vehicle To Both

Some car owners in Tacoma are under the impression that they need to take their car to the dealership for everything from basic maintenance to extensive repairs. However, this simply isn’t true. Auto repair shops offer many of the same services dealerships do. So, what’s the difference between the two? Here’s a brief overview of how auto repair shops and dealerships differ from each other.


Dealerships specialize in performing services only on your brand of car. Each month, they work on hundreds of vehicles and typically have a lot of service bays. Their factory-trained technicians only specialize in your brand of car and don’t perform service or maintenance on other brands.

Additionally, they only offer parts that are appropriate for your car brand. When you take your vehicle to the dealership, you’ll interact only with the service advisor and will never see your mechanic. You’ll likely receive a standard checkup and maintenance service unless you came in specifically for a vehicle problem. If your car is still under warranty, most repair costs are covered by the manufacturer. However, once the warranty expires, you’ll need to pay for all the services and repairs as normal. You also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty if you want to, although there is debate about whether an extended warranty provides good value for the money.

Independent Shops

Independent auto repair shops are not restricted to certain brands. They work on many different brands and know-how to repair a wide variety of problems. They also offer parts for practically every car brand out there. Some of these shops honor third-party warranties as well. When in doubt, ask. Usually, independent shops do not have as many service bays as dealerships and work out of smaller garages. Many of these smaller repair shops were started by former dealership technicians who decided to branch off on their own. Independent shops also tend to offer more personalized services at lower prices than dealerships.

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